S.D Clifford was born in Killarney, Ireland in 1975. His works have been published in over 30 different Anthologies, including The Wired Cripple, The Galway Literature Review, Breacadh, The Kingdom, Nowhere to Nowhere, Political Dogma and various others publications. In 1997 he founded the New Irish Writers Movement.

In 2002 his play ‘Laurie and Jessie’s Christmas’ was optioned by an Award-Winning Theatre Company in Ireland, and its text was used in New York at The American Opera Project during the summer of 2006. His play ‘Don’t Know-Never Know’ was staged in Killarney and Listowel, Ireland in 2003.In 2014, he toured Ireland with his show DARK, which premiered in Berlin two years previous, where it got exceptional reviews in both Der Tagesspiegel and Ex-Berliner.  It also ran for 7 nights in The DCU Players Theatre, Trinity College Dublin, from May 25th, 2014 and opened Heritage Week in Muckross House Killarney the same year.

He has been involved both in writing and directing on various film projects including ‘Wie man sich umbringt ohne zu sterben’ (How to Kill Yourself without Dying) and Europe’s Next Superflop (Post Production).  He is currently living in Valencia Spain, working on AIR, a Pusical, a new genre of Theatre and new Poetry, Prose and Lyrics.